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Hello! I’m a student at the University at Texas in Austin. Welcome to my collection of thoughts. I like to write and blog.
Transmission Lines carrying electric power to fuel homes, buildings and other premises.


The power grid is a complex system that supplies electricity to numerous customers across the country. This system consists of numerous parts that help in power generation, transmission and distribution. An important aspect of the electric power grid has…

Cartoonish Depiction of Gradient Descent — optimizing a set of weights and minimizing the loss function

A Neural Network.

The Internet of Things

The Internet is such a powerful force; it allows us to communicate/recieve information from different parts of the world! It’s just insane and amazing to visualize the different aspects of networking; and how the Internet forever revolutionized our way of seeking information! It all has to do with the hyped…

A reasonable probability is the only certainty. — E.W. Howe

The best way to describe the term “Probability” is that it’s a combination of very interesting concepts with so many things to keep in mind about (such as the independence of one variable, patterns/connections between two variables..etc.) . …

The “Abstraction” of Cloud Computing

A doodle/sketch of the hyped-up topic: machine learning and GPUs!

Aarushi Ramesh

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