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Hello! I’m a student at the University at Texas in Austin. Welcome to my collection of thoughts. I like to write and blog.

Project by: Aarushi Ramesh, Neeti Shah, Ryan Root, and Anirudh Anasuri


The power grid is a complex system that supplies electricity to numerous customers across the country. This system consists of numerous parts that help in power generation, transmission and distribution. An important aspect of the electric power grid has to do with balancing the supply and demand of electric power at all times. If the demand for electricity increases, and there is a low amount of energy available (to generate electricity), the electric frequency drops; therefore, the power production halts and this leads to a potential blackout. …

When it comes to machine learning and computers being able to learn and recognize patterns — similar to what our brains do, (which is why ML/AI fields are so related to neuroscience) we want to be able to increase the accuracy and efficiency of our prediction algorithm. This is so that the prediction gets better and better, closer to the target value we are aiming towards achieving.

Let’s compare this situation to a more human-related real life scenario. Suppose you are studying for an exam. You have a set study plan, and followed the points in your plan to prepare…

Back to School/University season is here, and because school is going to be on a different medium/setting for a lot of us, let’s get together and build a grade calculator to calculate your current grade in any class! This is going to be done using a python script, which is essentially a Python code file (with functions) you can execute typically from a command line interface-Terminal! This is a great way to quickly double check your grade at any time of the semester!


During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember not to panic, but to be precautious and stay safe. Please be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and properly, and practice social distancing at this time. Stay safe we can fight this ❤️

With the global pandemic increasing in scale and spreading quickly, it is very important for us to stay precautious, safe, and healthy. …

*During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember not to panic, but to be precautious and stay safe. Please be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and properly, and practice social distancing at this time.*** Stay safe we can fight this ❤️

Whenever I think of a linear classifier or linear machine learning model the first thing that comes to my mind is the equation y = mx + b . This equation does wonders in so many different fields and applications. It is essentially the foundation of how some ML models make predictions for testing data points.

Linear Classifiers


The Internet of Things

The Internet is such a powerful force; it allows us to communicate/recieve information from different parts of the world! It’s just insane and amazing to visualize the different aspects of networking; and how the Internet forever revolutionized our way of seeking information! It all has to do with the hyped up term “ Internet of Things”. The term Internet of Things, or IoT, describes a system of connected devices, appliances, vehicles and digital technologies (and other “things”) that can send data/information without human-to-human or human-to-device interactions. …

A reasonable probability is the only certainty. — E.W. Howe

The best way to describe the term “Probability” is that it’s a combination of very interesting concepts with so many things to keep in mind about (such as the independence of one variable, patterns/connections between two variables..etc.) . I feel like Probability has always been the math that’s different; in the sense that there are so many real world applications that can be used to visualize literally any problem!

Probability Models and PMFs

So whenever we are considering the probability of a certain event to occur, we are also considering the total number of…

When storing data on the “cloud” became a super big thing, I never really understood what the “cloud” meant. Was it just a supercomputer that handled massive amounts of data from companies, individuals, and other entities? Or was it more than that?

The term ‘cloud computing’ refers to the ability to offer many services — such as storing data, servers, networking, and intelligence — over the cloud or Internet. Cloud Computing is literally one of the BIGGEST services ever. …

Ok so last semester one of my professors decided to tell us a joke, and I thought it was the funniest thing ever:

“What is the circumference of a jack-o-lantern divided by its diameter??”

Pumpkin pi !!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, I thought it was funny!!!!!!!!!!!! (it's ok if you didn’t) :)

Happy New Year 2020! Even though it has been a week into 2020 already :)

Ok so I was reading this article a while ago about implementing AI algorithms in hardware chips, and I was like WOW?!!! …

Aarushi Ramesh

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