How does the Internet work? (part 1)

The Internet of Things

WiFi vs. Internet

The wireless local network is completely separate from the Internet. The Internet is a wide area network, or WAN. It is a huge network which links devices and computers across the world.

How is the information transmitted?

So how are these vast amounts of devices all connected globally, around the world? Well first off, this is a simple diagram of two devices are connected to the Internet:

Both of these devices will have unique IP addresses, and the Internet is basically the vast networks which data packets will route to until its destination is reached. So when you send information from your device to another device, the information is split into packets and is routed to the destination device via the Internet. But how exactly does this all work, and that to wirelessly? The computer needs to process the message, convert the text to signals, send it to the Internet, and the router near device 2 needs to convert the signals back into text. For this to be accomplished, there needs to be a protocol stack. Every device needs this, and this usually is in its operating system.

Servers down

Gateway time-out occurs when web server is communicating fast enough with other servers to process your request.

Networking and the Internet is just a whole new world; there is so much more to explore! Part 2 coming soon..

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